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MD-NWSC (Dr.Eng. Silver Mugisha) Celebrates with Buhweju DLG Staff.(End of Year party)

End of year party celebration, Buhweju District

MD - NWSC (Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha. In Buhweju District on 21/12/2022, celebrates with Buhweju District Local Staff during end of year celebrations, After commissioning the waterborn Toilet at Nsiika H/C IV which was donated and constructed by NWSC. among other activities was the Launch of *Buhweju District Workers Sacco*, as well as giving awards of recognition for *Excellent performance* by some individual staff and Departments in 2022.

The celebrations were held at Nsiika T/Council Play Grounds, in attendance were many high profile figures, and media houses; present were; MP - Buhweju East Constituency *(Hon. Mwijukye Francis)*, Day's Key Note Speaker - *Eng. Kariisa John Bosco Koy*, RDC & D/RDC Buhweju District, Political wing headed by the C/Man LCV - *Mr. Deo Atuhaire Omuhatizi*, Dist. Speaker, Dist. Council members, LC111 C/Persons), Members of the Boards and Commissions, Clergy, All Buhweju DLG Civil Servants headed by the CAO, DPC, DISO, *GM - NWSC Mbarara Greater Area /Tech Advisor - Ankole Sub Region*, Area Manager - Bushenyi, RPPRO - W&SW, PRO - Greater Mbarara Area, BM - Buhweju & Staff, a number of representatives from different media Houses (NBS TV, BUKEDDE TV, TV WEST, Daily Monitor, BFM Radio, Eiraka Ryeitu),

*MD Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha* who was the *Guest of Honour,*  on behalf of NWSC' Board and Management with support by the GOU began by commissioning of the Water borne Toilet at *Nsiika H/C IV* which was donated and constructed *NWSC Bushenyi Area*  using FOA mechanism at a *Total cost of only sh. 15,000,000=* as part of our usual CSR.

 MD noted that was extremely happy to have stepped in Buhweju District for his very first time ever.
 Told the mammoth gathering that he hasn't only commissioned the Toilet constructed at Nsiika H/C IV but also commissioned a bigger initiative for the entire Buhweju District.
 Informed the members present that our Role in this cause wouldn't just be  construction of Toilets but rather *Sanitation Management*. However, as they wait for the "Sewerage System" can be using this  temporary measure for now.
 The MD also offered two more water  borne  Toilets for Buhweju District on request by the Nsiika H/C IVs C/Man HUMAC and these will cost sh. 25,000,000=.
 Contributed *sh. 5,000,000=* to *Buhweju District Workers Sacco* courtesy of NWSC and reiterated that it's *meant to boost their capacity* to clear our monthly water Bills in time.
 Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha illustrated using X and Y - axis model while encouraging the members to always have a "growth Curve Mindset." Continue to grow big in many ways overtime. Accumulate personal Wealth, networking is very important - Vital, Discipline, Innovations (referred to the  President's 04 Acre Model).
 Encouraged people to reflect on self employment - create jobs.
 He hinted on mutual respect for one another and  embrace Teamwork. Do what you are supposed to do for the success of this District.
 The Guest of Honour - Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha also talked about Planet protection (Environmental protection) and the weather patterns which have greatly misbehaved because we (human beings) have continued to interfere with Environmental issues.
 Thanked so so much his friend and C/Man LCV Buhweju for the invite as GOH.
 Introduced and Thanked his Team for their efforts and commitment to serve the people of Buhweju and Ugandans at large.
 By the powers bestowed in him, the GOH *officially launched Buhweju Sacco and wished it good luck to help the people of which it was meant to serve.

The entire District leadership  hailed NWSC under the auspices of  Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha* for the good services they have continued to extend to Buhweju District.

Over 11,000,000= (Eleven million shillings) Sacco contribution was raised by only 05 people and target to have raised start up capital of 100 Million shillings  by Mar 2023 as was reported by their Sacco C/Man in his speech.

The In charge - Nsiika H/C IV (Dr. Isaac) who holds Masters Degree in Surgery was ranked the overall best Employee of the Year.

Buhweju District was curved out of Greater Bushenyi District. It Boarders with Sheema, Bushenyi, Rubirizi, Ibanda and Mbarara Districts.

It's currently served by one NWSC - Buhweju Branch under Bushenyi NWSC Area, whereas some of her other S/Counties & T/Councils like;Bihanga, Nyakaziba, Burere, Nyakashaka, Kyahenda, Engaju,Katinda are still under Umbrella (SwUwS) / Ministry.




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