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Buhweju District is located in Western Uganda, bordered by Rubirizi District to the west and northwest, Ibanda District to the northeast, Mbarara District to the east, Sheema District to the southeast, and Bushenyi District to the southwest. Nsiika, the location of the district headquarters, is approximately 50 Km, by road, northwest of Mbarara which is approximately 310 kilometres (190 mi), by road, southwest of Kampala.

Buhweju District was curved out of Bushenyi district in July 2010, thus 2022/23 is her 12th financial year of operation. The District has a land area of 700.6 square kilometers and population of 126,200 with 62,400 females and 60,800 Males with the average house hold size of 5.4, in a total of 15,353 households. Carved out of Bushenyi District in July 2010, Buhweju District has seen a rise in her population from approximately 82,900 (2002 census) to around 126,200  with literacy levels at 64.1% females and 78% male according to a projection by UBOS statistics. The District is found in a hilly environment with farming as the main activity undertaken by the residents.

The major Economic activities include; semi intensive agriculture with Tea as its main cash crop, banana, millet stable foods, trade and commerce, transport, stone quarrying, sand mining, mineral mining (alluvial Gold), construction industry, tourism and lumbering local Brewing. Buhweju District mainly comprises of Banyankole (60%), Bakiga (40%).The district has 2 counties, 10 sub counties, 4 Town councils, 15 Wards, 60 Parishes and 352 Villages.